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Flaulis Clothing started in 1996 with a pair of friends who wanted a team called Flawless but decided to spell it FLAULIS.  Over the years, those friends parted ways and the retaining member decided to turn what was just a group into a fashion brand meaning Fashionably Looking Absolutely Unique Like I Should.

Here at Flaulis Clothing, we are providing graphic design Tee Shirts and more where each design or pattern is carefully designed using high powered design software.  Most of our graphics and patters are designed from scratch.

With our fabric material ranging from lightweight cotton to heavy cotton, we want to make sure that during those hot summer days, you will feel comfortable, cool, and stylish or on those mild days where heavy fabric will suffice.

We want to make sure you are making a statement when you put on a garment from Flaulis Clothing.  Being, feeling, and looking Flaulis is not just a brand, its a way of life.

-Jeremy “FashoJ” Sygh-

*Flaulis Clothing is not to be confused with the dictionary meaning*